Multinational mining firms in Eritrea complicit over govt repression – Activist

An Eritrean journalist and activist, Meron Estefanos, says multinational mining firms in the country are complicit in the current regime’s dictatorial rule.

The Sweden-based advocate mentioned four main firms, Nevsun Resources, Anglogold Ashanti, Chalice and Donia as companies that were bankrolling the dictatorship back home. In her view, their continued operation and dealing with a repressive government amounted to complicity.

Speaking earlier this week at the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF) held in Johannesburg, Meron asked why these multinationals will want to be accomplices in repression.

She also spoke about issues relating to the absence of human rights, the muzzling of media. According to her, the independence movement of years back had metamorphosed into a military dictatorship.


Eritrea Today