Minister encourages investment Homeland Minister encourages Eritrean community members in Angola to become beneficiaries of new investment prospects in the Homeland

Asmara, 13 December 2013 – Minister Woldai Fitur, Head of the National Investment Center, has encouraged the Eritrean community members in Angola to become beneficiaries of the favorable environment for investment in the Homeland. He made the remark at a meeting he conducted with more than 300 Eritrean nationals in Luanda city, during which he called on the community members to employ their resources to the benefit of the people and the nation, besides stepping up participation in national development programs.

Dr. Woldai went on to explain that the comparative advantages as regards investment in the Homeland pertain to an encouraging legal atmosphere, sound and corruption-free leadership, as well as the infrastructural development that is gaining momentum.

The Eritrean Ambassador to South Africa and the Southern Africa region, Mr. Saleh Omar, on his part gave extensive briefings focusing on the role of nationals in the nation-building process, and called on the citizens to play due role as regards keeping intact national and cultural values. He also expressed appreciation for the community members’ commitment towards attaining higher organization, and urged them to sustain such efforts.

The community members said that they would enhance role in the nation-building endeavors and reinforcement of the community’s organization.


The Minister / Government of Eritrea left out if there are any guarantee and or benefits for the investors in the Homeland in Eritrea. What rules of law has change in Eritrea for Business? What is the assurance from any army harassment or Government takeover in Eritrea?

The Government of Eritrea or the Minister of investment may have forgetting or undermined that a billion transition businesses were push to Angola not long ago from Eritrea. How about enda Ansaba? They were paid millions of taxes, employees thousands of employees and bring Goods to the Eritrean consumers. The Army stopped them or makes them hard to do business in Eritrea. Yet now they are asking to come to Eritrea to do business without any change of orders doing business in Eritrea is safe and specific guide of Taxes.

There are many Eritrean owned business around the world who could do business in Eritrea hire so many workers more revenue to the Government if there is a clear business law and regulations. At this time it takes 10 years to get business dispute resolve that is if lucky in some case hard to sue when associate with Army or Government entity.

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