Kiros Asfaha Woldu, is a singer-songwriter, Eritrean singer. Born in January 1st 1977, in Asmara, Eritrea. He did his first studies at May Temenay school, secondary Hadnet school, Barka high school. He did his military service from 1995 to 2015.  Now he is working for Tigray TDF and raising money using GoFundMe.

Latest YouTube very controversial topic. Unit Eritrean people and government joined TPLF  terrorist organization to replace Ethiopian  and Eritrean government by promoting violence.  Kiros Asfaha does not deserve to receive people money unqualified. He is not a mentally ill person, not disabled and he is able to work and earn his own money. This is bad motivation for others to follow him by anticipation bad behavior deceptive act helped by the organizer SELTENE GIRMAY, who agreed to help to benefits some of the money for himself as he gained his share $5,000 out of $15,000 in the past Gofundme campaign.

He has multiple Facebook accounts and he is promoting war, the money he is raising would be most likely end up buying weapons against women and children in East Africa on going war. GoFundMe is now becoming: #1 Fundraising Platform for terrorist. We encourage everyone to report to GoFundMe and authorities to stop this type fundraising.

Fundraising should be used for the people in needs in Tigiray, Eritrea and other East African countries they need Foods and Drinking clean water the most at this time effected by War and covid 19. Kiros Asfaha ኪሮስ ኣስፍሃ should not accept this or donate to the needs . Eritrea Today is protesting this illegal fundraising, we ask other organization and individual to do the same by following the following links:

#1 Go to link to make report

#2 The Organizer and beneficiary link


By Saba Haile.

Eritrea Today